Accessibility Standard

Accessibility Standard for Customer Service Policy - Manitoba


The intent of this policy is to outline Birchwood Automotive Group's commitment to the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service as legislated by the government of Manitoba under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (the Act)This policy is to be used in conjunction with specific workplace procedures.


Accessible Customer Service - Accessible customer service is provided when all persons who are reasonably expected to seek to obtain, use, or benefit from a good or service have the same opportunity to obtain, use, or benefit from the good or service.

Definition sourced directly from the Customer Service Standard Regulation, section 2.


1.   Statement of Commitment


Birchwood Automotive Group is committed to achieving accessibility and meeting the needs and abilities of all people while ensuring their dignity and independence is maintained.

Birchwood Automotive Group believes in inclusion, values diversity, and recognizes the importance of improving access and removing barriers for its customers and team members. We are committed to meeting the requirements of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.


2.   Policy Availability


Birchwood Automotive Group will make its accessibility policy available to the public.


3.   Information, Communications & Customer Service


Birchwood Automotive Group will provide on request, the information and communication in an accessible format or with a communication support.


When a team member becomes aware of a customer with a barrier, they will immediately escalate it to their manager to ensure all communication to the individual is completed in a manner that takes into account the individual's disability.


Birchwood Automotive Group will reasonably accommodate the public who use assistive devices, support persons or service animals.


Birchwood Automotive Group will create the opportunity for customers to share their feedback regarding accessibility issues through our company website.



4.   Training

Birchwood Automotive Group will provide training to all team members who provides goods or services directly to our customers as well as all team members who are responsible for, or participate in, the development or implementation of any portions of this policy and the Act. As new standards are developed, updates to training modules will be developed and delivered to team members.

Accessibility Requests and Feedback

We constantly strive to improve accessibility at Birchwood Automotive Group. Please let us know if you have an accessibility request regarding our goods and services, or feedback regarding accessibility. Fill out and submit this form, or use a printable pdf version of the form, available at the bottom of this page.*

If you prefer, you may print one of the forms below to fill out and send in:

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For any questions regarding accessibility, please contact us:

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