The Birchwood Way

The Birchwood Way is driven by the Birchwood core values which define the workplace culture and the way in which business is conducted. They form the basis of employee conduct and govern decisions. It is also Birchwood's Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP, or talent brand/promise, is a tool that allows us to communicate consistently and convincingly what Birchwood offers team members and potential candidates. It is our market differentiator.  

Birchwood's Core Values:
  • Be an organization that lives the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility and humility.
  • Be an organization where team members are celebrated, recognized and offered opportunities for growth and challenge.
  • Be an organization that serves our community by offering time, resources and expertise.
  • Be an organization where relationships with our customers are authentic, honest, sincere and loyal.
These values are understood in the reputation of the company - a reputation for not only what Birchwood thinks and says, but more importantly what they do and what people and customers experience. These values are not just the words in the mission, vision, and values of the company but are embedded into the fabric of Birchwood's workplace culture.