Nissan Max-Out EV

    Nissan's Electric Leap

    Nissan’s electric convertible concept, the Max-Out is here! The automaker brought the vision to life for the Nissan Futures event, a celebration of innovation happening at its global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. Previously seen only as a rendering in Nissan’s $17.6 billion five-year electrification strategy announcement from 2021, visitors will be able to visit the fully manifested Max-Out on display until March.

    A Futuristic Design from The Past

    The Max-Out is a marvel of design, blending futuristic aesthetics with retro-futuristic influences. The rectangular front end and grid pattern on the hood and wheels seem to be ripped directly from an 80s science fiction movie. The Sci-Fi motif is taken to new heights with the wheel covers. A mesmerizing tube-like pattern creates an optical illusion that appears as if they are meant to be illuminated screens. However, the possibility of changing the wheel cover design wouldn’t be a surprise. The Max-Out is where past and future collide, offering a glimpse into a bold new era of mobility.

    How Far Away is The Max-Out?

    Car watchers speculate that a preview of an EV GT-R successor will be unveiled after Nissan’s motorsports boss, Takao Katagiri announced that the automaker will be developing a new sports car for North America and Europe. The only question is, could the Max-Out be a part of the new electrified lineup?


    Nissan has set a goal of producing 23 electrified models by 2030, with 15 of those being fully electric, as the company aims for a 50/50 electrified mix for its brand by the end of the decade. While it’s clear that Nissan is pushing towards a more electrified future, North America is taking a slower approach, with a target of 40% of its sales being EV by 2040. So, even though the release of the Max-Out may be some time away, the excitement for what’s to come in Nissan’s sports car lineup is still unmistakable.



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