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    With Birchwood’s financing options, it’s easier to get a new or pre-owned vehicle than ever before, even if you have less-than-perfect credit. Learn more about the wide variety of manufacturer, bank and in-house financing options we provide.

    Financing options for many needs and credit ratings

    Bad Credit Car Loans

    The Right Option for You

    It’s important to go with an automotive dealership that provides the right financing option for you based on your personal needs and financial situation. With a wide range of options, including manufacturer and bank loans, manufacturer leasing and special finance options for those with less-than-perfect credit, financing with Birchwood is the easy choice.

    Types of Vehicle Loans

    Manufacturer LoansBank LoansBirchwood Credit
    Manufacturer Loans

    Manufacturer Loans

    Through its network of dealerships, offering 22 different automotive brands, Birchwood has access to manufacturer loans towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

    Manufacturer loans have the advantage of offering fantastic interest rates, often being parcelled with incentives and other promotions, and even being combined with loyalty programs for repeat customers of the same brand.

    Manufacturer loans allow customers to finance the base price of the vehicle and may also include the cost of additional vehicle options, added costs, such as shipping and PDI, and even the sales taxes on a vehicle.

    Bank Loans

    Bank Loans

    Through its relationships with Canadian banks, Birchwood is able to offer automotive financing on new and pre-owned vehicles through bank loans. Bank loans are similar to manufacturer loans in that they can be put towards the purchase price of a vehicle and are available to approved borrowers with different terms such as payment schedule and term, but are usually applied to pre-owned vehicles. Bank loans usually have the benefit that they can be paid off early in-full at any time, and carry the advantage that once the loan is paid off, the vehicle is yours to keep, trade or sell.

    Birchwood Credit

    Birchwood Credit

    Sometimes, challenges in life can make owning a vehicle difficult. If your credit has been impacted negatively by things such as unexpected expenses or divorce, it’s possible that vehicle ownership has been made difficult by rejection for credit on a conventional vehicle loan. In these scenarios, make sure to speak with Birchwood Credit. Unlike other automotive dealerships who will often sell your information to an outside loan provider in alternative credit situations, Birchwood provides credit itself, meaning you get credit from someone who’s credible. Birchwood Credit’s process is fast with an easy application and no obligation.

    Leasing a Vehicle

    Only pay for the vehicle usage that you need

    If you’re looking for a new vehicle financing option that comes with the least amount of hassle for you as the owner, leasing is a great option. Leasing offers the lowest monthly financing payments on a vehicle by being based off of the depreciation in value of the vehicle, rather than paying for the entire vehicle amount. At the end of your lease term, you have the option to either purchase the vehicle for the remaining assessed value, or terminate the lease and return the vehicle.

    Less than Perfect Credit

    Auto loans from Birchwood for all credit types

    Birchwood Credit has the experience and resources to help with all types of credit situations, from slow to missed payment history, to repossession, to being new to Canada or low income. We are able to offer competitive rates because of our in-house financing model, so you can get credit from someone who’s credible.

    Birchwood Credit Solutions

    Sell or Trade Your Vehicle with Birchwood

    Our Birchwood We Buy programs give you the most value for your vehicle when selling or trading in for an upgrade. You’ll even receive a cheque within 48 hours of your trade.

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    After 55 years in business, Birchwood has the most trusted automotive retailers and service centres in Manitoba. It’s our mission to exceed your expectations every timethat’s why our customers keep coming back. Browse through some of our testimonials to see what they say.

    "Your program allowed my wife and I to re-establish our credit and we were able to get back in to a standard bank loan within two years. Thank you!"
    Sean D.
    "I was treated with the utmost respect and family kind of treatment as well. My salesperson was incredible. Thank you!"
    Linda M.
    "The staff were all very kind, understanding and professional. Especially Bryan. He was patient and did everything he could to get me in my Kia Rio."
    Amanda V.
    "It was a wonderful experience. I really thought I was not eligible due to my credit rating. It all worked out and I am enjoying my Dodge Journey! I have referred family and friends to Birchwood, 3 in total."
    Robin M.
    "I didn’t feel that I was just a sale, I felt that I was worked with to find what was right for me. I definitely have recommended to everyone I know already!"
    Shanine P.
    "My experience has always been pleasant, everyone i've spoken with and met was very nice. Also, anytime i had a question or concern they were quick to respond and definitely answered any questions I had post purchase."
    Zachary B.