Receive up to $9,000* in Savings on Eligible Electric Vehicles

    *Up to $4,000 in savings from the Province of Manitoba combined with a Federal Government approved $5,000 incentive for Zero-Emission Vehicles. 

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    Manitoba launches $4,000 electric vehicle rebate program.

    The Province of Manitoba has launched a program that will provide up to a $4,000 rebate on the purchase of a new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Qualifying pre-owned vehicles will also be eligible for a rebate of up to $2,500.

    With this initiative in place, Manitoba becomes the seventh province in Canada to provide an EV incentive.

    Manitoba EV Incentive Specifics:

    • These incentives are specifically for electric vehicles.  That includes battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).
    • Incentives of up to $4,000 for new and $2,500 for pre-owned electric vehicles owned by eligible Manitoba residents.
    • To qualify for the rebate, electric vehicles must be priced under $70,000 (MSRP) and be no older than 4 years (model year 2021 or newer in 2024).
    • Eligible purchases between August 1, 2023, and March 31, 2026.
    • Electric vehicles eligible if bought or leased from a Manitoba dealership.
    • For eligible leased electric vehicles, the rebate is proportional with the lease duration.
    • Only one incentive per registered owner and electric vehicle.
    • Receive cheque after payment. 
    • For more information and to start the rebate process click here.

    Federal Incentive for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV)

    The federal government is making it more affordable to switch to the electric lifestyle and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through incentives for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The iZEV Program provides incentives at the point of sale to qualified consumers purchasing or leasing eligible ZEVs listed on in the table below. These incentives are applicable for vehicles bought or leased for a minimum of 12 months starting from the eligibility date.

    Eligible Vehicles Include:

    Vehicle & Year
    330e (2021-2024), i4, (2022-2024), X3 (2021-2022), i3 (2018-2021)
    Blazer (2024), Equinox EV (2024), Bolt (2018-2023), Volt (2018-2019)
    Pacifica Hybrid (2017-2024)
    Hornet (2024)
    Mach-E (2022-2024), Escape (2020-2024), F-150 Lightning (2023-2024), Fusion (2018-2020), Focus (2018)
    Prologue (2024), Clarity (2018-2021)
    IONIQ 5 (2022-2024), IONIQ 6 (2023-2024), Kona EV (2019-2024), Tuscon PHEV (2022-2024), Santa Fe PHEV (2022-2024), Sonata (2018-2019)
    Wrangler 4xe (2021-2024)
    EV6 (2022-2024), EV9 (2024), Niro EV (2019-2024), Niro PHEV (2019-2024), Sportage (2023-2024), Sorento PHEV (2022-2023), Soul EV (2017-2023), Optima EV (2017-2020)
    NX 450h+ (2022-2024)
    Cooper SE (2020-2024), 3 Door Hatch (2023), Countryman All4 (2023), 3 Door (2022), Countryman (2021-2022), Cooper SE 3 Door (2020-2021)
    Ariya (2023-2024), Leaf (2018-2024)
    bZ4X (2023-2024), Mirai (2022-2024), Prius Prime (2018-2024), RAV4 Prime (2021-2024)
    ID.4 (2021-2024), e-Golf (2017-2020)
    C40 Recharge (2024), S60 (2024), XC40 Recharge (2022-2024), XC60 (2024), C40 (2023), V60 (2023), XC40 (2023), V60 Recharge (2022)

    iZEV Specifics:

    • Receive the incentive at the point-of-sale by the dealership once they have confirmed your eligibility. The incentive will appear directly on the bill of sale or lease agreement once you have completed a Consumer Consent Form and appropriate Incentive Received Form.
    • Incentives for 12-month leases will be adjusted proportionally according to a 48-month lease term. For instance, a 48-month lease qualifies for the complete incentive, whereas a 24-month lease will receive half the incentive amount.
    • Individuals are eligible for one incentive.
    • Hydrogen fuel cell, battery electric, and longer-range plug-in hybrid vehicles are for up to $5,000 and shorter-range plug-in hybrid vehicles are eligible for up to $2,500.

    Infrastructure Changes as a Result:

    Manitoba plans to shift gears and put a higher priority on EVs, this means that Manitoba’s EV charging infrastructure will also change. Though most of the current charging stations in Manitoba are in urban areas or along highways, the new Manitoba budget will address this and implement programs to install charging stations in rural and remote areas to prepare for a greener driving future in Manitoba. 

    Visit to learn more about the exciting new EV incentive!

    For full details of the federal government’s program, visit

    Manitoba EV Update

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