What to Consider Before Purchasing a New Car in Manitoba?

    We all have different motivators when we make the decision to start looking for a new vehicle. Our lifestyles are different, our families are not identical, and our jobs can be vastly unalike. But, one thing we can often agree on is price. And so, many of us see the lower price tag on a used vehicle and decide that buying a used car in Manitoba is the right choice. But, is it?


    Certainly, there are many pros to buying used but there are cons as well. New vehicles are no different; perks and drawbacks. So how do you decide? 


    Thinking of Buying a New Car in Manitoba?

    There are obvious pros to purchasing a new car. Not only do you have the peace of mind knowing that you are the only one to sit behind the wheel, you also have all the perks that a new vehicle has to offer. Even if the car you purchased is the lowest base model, it will often have features that older used vehicles do not.

    New vehicles require less maintenance and you are only on the hook for yearly upkeep which is much less risk than taking on a used vehicle. However, the costs saved in those areas are often not high enough to outweigh buying used. If buying new, you must know that as you buckle that seatbelt and roll off the lot, the large price-tag you just paid depreciates immediately and significantly.

    There is no substitute for stepping into a brand new car, but all options must be considered. Being content with low maintenance and higher cost may just be the right choice for you.


    Thinking of Buying a Used Car in Manitoba?

    Of course, the biggest advantage to buying a used vehicle is the money that stays in your bank account. The savings that come with choosing a vehicle that is just less than two years older than the newest model is huge and you’re often not taking on that much risk.

    While there are plenty of dealers in Manitoba for new vehicles, the used vehicle market is huge and allows you to really narrow down your search to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

    A potential disadvantage is the amount of homework that you as a consumer need to do when buying used. You need to know about the vehicle’s history and ask for the proper paperwork throughout your search. If you do this – along with getting a proper inspection done – you can sleep easy knowing that you spent way less money and got exactly what you wanted.

    Some dealers make it difficult to finance a used vehicle which, in turn, may affect your decision. Even though the price tag is reduced, it can be hard to come up with payment to outright buy a used car in Manitoba. However, there are options and dealerships that specialize in helping everyone get financing for a vehicle.


    Difference Between New and Used Vehicle Insurance

    Additionally, insurance costs vary quite drastically between new and used vehicles. Insurance can be affected by the vehicle type, model, year as well as the driver. Generally, insurance is much lower for used vehicles. New vehicles usually require an insurance plan that includes more than just the collision insurance you will require when buying a used car in Manitoba. 

    Buying a new or used vehicle is a huge life decision that could influence your decision for quite a few years. Ultimately though, you have many options to choose from and depending on your lifestyle, income, family and situation, there is most definitely a dealership or seller out there who has exactly what you are looking for. 

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