Great Deals & Huge Selection of Auto Parts in Winnipeg

    Not all auto part shops are created equal. Birchwood Automotive Group is made up of dozens of dealerships, repair shops and tire and auto part departments across Winnipeg and boasts the best reputation for quality and efficiency in the city. We have our hands in all aspects of the vehicle-buying and maintenance process, meaning our teams have the experience to support virtually any auto part purchase and installation.

    In this post, we highlight the reasons why you should consider us for all your auto part needs, or make an appointment at a Birchwood Service Centre if you’re in need of a quality and prompt installation from top Winnipeg car mechanics.


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    Reasons to shop for your new auto parts at Birchwood 

    There are plenty of reasons to visit a Birchwood Service Centre if your car is in need of work or new parts. Here are just a few of those reasons:


    Reason #1: Excellent reputation 

    Whether you’re making a major purchase or buying a household item, you’ll likely conduct online research before pulling out your wallet. We recommend you Google Birchwood Automotive Group or any of its franchised operations to see the excellent customer reviews we’ve received for our maintenance work.


    Reason #2: Unbeatable prices 

    Due to the scope of our operations, we frequently place large orders with our manufacturers and suppliers. In turn, we pass along the savings from these bulk orders to our customers. For this reason, you can be sure that when you’re purchasing a part from one of Birchwood’s affiliated dealerships, you’re getting the best market value for that part.


    Reason #3: Friendly and knowledgeable mechanics 

    We frequently receive positive feedback, both in-shop and online, regarding the warm and approachable nature of our staff. From our frontline workers who schedule service appointments to the mechanics who fix vehicles and source new parts, we pride ourselves on our amazing, qualified team members who go out of their way to tend to the needs of Winnipeggers and their cars.

    To guarantee high quality service, each of our automotive technicians are trained by vehicle manufacturers to ensure they have the appropriate skills to repair or source parts for your vehicle’s specific make and model.


    Reason #4: Prompt service 

    With dealerships and repair centres located throughout the city, we’re almost always able to get your vehicle in for a service appointment at the most optimal time for your schedule. And when it’s time for your appointment, we’ll pick you up and drop you off at work, home, or wherever is most convenient for you.


    How our parts department works

    When you come to one of our service centres and an automotive technician determines your car needs a new part, here’s the process we take to make that happen(you can also call the parts department to check stock and pricing):


    • Inform the customer. Our mechanics will keep you informed of any new parts needed for your vehicle as well as any changes to the original service quote provided during your vehicle assessment.


    • Price-match guarantee. If you’re quoted a lower price by another Winnipeg service centre, we’ll be happy to match that price and perform the necessary service at a Birchwood Service Centre.


    • Source the part. Once we’ve received the go-ahead to order the necessary part, we’ll leverage the close relationships we have with vehicle manufacturers to get the part shipped and installed as soon as possible.


    • Prompt completion of service. As highlighted above, we have the staffing resources to complete your service and replace your car part faster than any other service centre in Winnipeg.


    >>Find All Our Part Department Phone Numbers Here


    How to make a service appointment

    Birchwood Automotive Group is made up of 17 franchised operations located throughout Winnipeg. Our dealerships represent a diverse range of vehicle manufacturers to provide all drivers with customized service for their make and model.

    To make a repair appointment at the appropriate dealership, simply type in your vehicle information as well as a preferred appointment time into our online schedule assistant. From there, an appointment desk representative will reach out by phone to confirm your slot.


    If you have questions related to the specifics of your vehicle repairs, you can connect with a mechanic by calling our Service Centre at (204) 831-4866.

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