Cold Weather Accessories for Electric Vehicles

    When winter sets in across Manitoba, Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers gear up for a different kind of cold-weather challenge. Along with the basics like winter tires and seat warmers; there’s a whole array of accessories designed to make winter driving in your electric vehicle easier and more comfortable. From EV-specific winter tires and rims to adaptor-to-adaptor chargers for your EV, these innovative additions are set to revolutionize your winter commute.

    EV-Specific Winter Tires:

    EVs carry more weight than combustion vehicles because of their batteries. As a result, they need tires with specific features, like increased frictional grip, to stay in control while accelerating, steering, or braking on icy roads.

    EV-specific winter tires include:

    • Hankook iON Winter
    • Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3
    • Pirelli Scorpion Winter
    • Pirelli P Zero Winter
    • Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV
    • Nokian Hakkapeliitta R5 EV

    Visit Electric Autonomy to learn more about EV-specific winter tires.

    EV-Specific Rims:

    EV-specific rims are designed with aerodynamics in mind, reducing drag and improving efficiency, especially crucial in winter conditions. By enhancing airflow around the vehicle, these rims not only aid in better performance but also help preserve the battery life of EVs during colder months by reducing strain on the powertrain.


    EV-specific rims include:

    • Fast Wheels EV01+
    • Replika R241
    • T3 Replica TS1
    • RTX Frost
    • Ohm Lightning


    Visit Canada Wheels to learn more about EV-Specific rims.

    Adaptor-to-Adaptor Charging:

    In the chill of winter, adaptor-to-adaptor EV chargers become a lifeline for electric vehicle owners. Their versatility means you can charge up from different power sources, which comes in handy when regular charging stations might be buried under snow or ice. With these adaptors in your toolkit, you’re always ready to power up your EV, whatever the winter weather throws your way.


    Visit Soolutions to learn more about versatile EV chargers, and which one works best for your vehicle!

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