Earth Day 2021

    A Culture of Sustainability

    Today is Earth day, although much has changed over the past year, the need for sustainability has never been greater.

    Birchwood is committed to that sustainability. Whether it is through advancements in the vehicles we carry, or innovative energy saving technology being implemented in all of our new buildings. One thing is for certain, and that is a universal mindset among our team that we must all do our part when it comes to minimizing our ecological footprint. 

    Take a look at the video below which features Elder Dave Courchene, talking about some of the different ways in which we can all take better care of our planet.

    Birchwood Initiatives

    Birchwood has grown over the past year. We’ve opened a number of new buildings including Birchwood Volkswagen on Regent, Jaguar Land Rover Winnipeg, Birchwood Lexus and the brand-new Birchwood Ford building which is currently under construction. All of these buildings have set a new bar when it comes to sustainability and energy saving practices.

    Whether it is open concept designs with all glass walls to allow maximum natural light into the building during the day, or energy saving lights positioned perfectly throughout our show rooms to increase radius and reduce hydro usage. We have even implemented large recycling and compost receptacles on some of our properties which cut down on waste and encourage our employees to engage in environmentally conscious practices.

    These are small steps Birchwood is taking towards a bigger initiative of sustainability. This mindset trickles down all the way to the type of inventory we carry.

    A New Fleet

    Electric vehicle technology has progressed at an exponential rate. Birchwood is proud to supply hybrid and electric models from almost all of our franchised dealerships. Whether it is the brand-new Mustang Mach E from Ford. Or the XC40, the first all-electric luxury sport SUV from Volvo. Almost all of our 17 brands carry an electric or hybrid model of some sort. There is sure to be a sustainable vehicle in the Birchwood fleet that will suit your needs.

    Visit the link below to take a look at some of our Hybrid and Electric fleet!

    Resources for the Future

    Recently, our human resources manager, Sarah Giesbrecht had a great interview with Professor Danny Blair from the University of Winnipeg to learn more about climate change and how to reduce our carbon footprint. Professor Blair brought up some fantastic points and was able to share some information with Sarah that we think is valuable for both our staff and customers. Read the whole interview below:

    Professor Blair and his team developed the Climate Atlas website of Canada, an online resource that provides critical data and visualizations of climate projections across Canada. This is a fantastic resource to find more information about climate patterns in Canada, and to learn new ways in which you can shrink your ecological footprint. Have a look at the Climate Atlas of Canada below!

    An Ongoing Commitment

    Birchwood is committed to sustainable practices, and that commitment can be seen at all levels of the Birchwood Automotive Group. This Earth Day, we encourage our team and customers to do their part and think about new ways in which they can engage in more sustainable practices for the future.

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