Electric Vehicle Charging at Home


    The future of automotive convenience is here – where charging your Electric Vehicle (EV) at home is as effortless as plugging in your smartphone. Whether you reside in a spacious suburban house or a sleek urban condo, the world of EV charging offers versatile solutions to power your ride right at your doorstep.

    Chargers For Your Home:

    Level 1 Charging at Home:

    Have you ever used a household outlet to prevent your car battery from dying during freezing temperatures? If so, did you realize that you can also charge your EV battery using that very same outlet?


    In the realm of electric vehicles, this method of charging is referred to as level 1 charging. Typically, the charging station required for this level of charging is provided with the car. Hence, all EV owners have access to level 1 charging.


    Level 2 Charging at Home:

    Level 2 charging is the predominant form of charging at home as it uses a 240-volt plug and can deliver an optimal battery charge of 80% in four to five hours! Certain models can be wall-mounted, while others come in plug-in versions for mobility.


    There are also “smart” level 2 charging stations that enable users to monitor charging history and schedule sessions for specific times of the day. Moreover, some charging stations are designed to perform better in cold weather conditions than others. Yet it is completely up to you to decide which model you would like!


    To learn more about at-home charging, visit ChargeHub.

    Chargers For Your Condo:

    Unlike charging at home, there are more steps and pain points involved in charging an EV at a condo. For instance, an older condo’s electrical infrastructure may be less likely to have free power to tap into rather than a newer building. Yet, charging at a condo is still feasible and possible!


    Charging stations can be installed in private parking areas of condos – either in individual stalls or a communal station – as wall-mounts or different plug-in versions depending on the condo infrastructure.


    To learn more about chargers for your condo, visit Electric Autonomy Canada.

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