Factory Ordering an Electric Vehicle


    You may have already heard about factory ordering a traditional gas vehicle, but did you know that it is the same process to factory order an electric vehicle (EV), as well? If you need a quick refresh on how to place a factory order on any vehicle – gas or electric – we’ve got you covered!

    The Process:

    Oh no, the EV you want isn’t currently available on any lot! Not to worry – our website is here to help you put in a request for a factory order. Our knowledgeable team can help you configure your EV to your liking – from exterior colour to interior features – and make sure you can place your order feeling confident you’ve chosen your desired payment method and secured the best interest rate and timeframe for delivery.

    The Waiting Game:

    Birchwood will keep you informed about the entire progress of your factory order throughout the production period. You can expect regular updates, although the timeline for delivery really depends on the make and model of your EV. The average time typically takes three to five months.


    Birchwood will perform a thorough inspection of your EV upon arrival to make sure there are no damages, and everything meets your requirements. Once the inspection is complete, your factory ordered EV is ready for delivery, and our Birchwood team will coordinate with you to arrange a convenient date and time for pick-up!


    From the initial consultation to pick-up day, our team will be with you every step of the way to provide support, updates, and help wherever and whenever you need it. Start your journey towards owning your dream EV today!

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