2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

    EVs, meet the Ford-150

    One of Canada’s top-selling trucks keeps its familiar design but loses the emissions. The all-new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning® becomes quieter yet more capable, quicker yet more efficient, and smarter while staying familiar. Combine this with an updated interior and exterior look and you have yourself a truck that is worth stopping to take a look at.


    The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning® allows you to explore the latest technology, efficiency, and convenience that comes with an electric vehicle, while ensuring you have all the same durability and capability that you expect from a truck. The Lightning® also has a convenient, spacious Mega Power Frunk to carry your equipment!

    • 7” bumper-to-bumper
      • This is approximately the same length as the Lightning’s® gas-fueled counterpart.
    • Ground Clearance of 8.4”
      • The Lightning® rides high above the road, helping keep the battery and other essential parts guarded against the elements.
    • Stable Handling
      • This truck has a track width of 68.1” in the front and 68.3” in the rear to ensure stable handling on uneven terrain.
    • Fully boxed high-strength steel frame.
    • Features large cross-sections adding to the legendary durability of the F-150.
    • Power tailgate with unique signature rear lighting
      • This feature allows for a hands-free open—simply use your key fob, tailgate touchpad, or cabin button to open or close your tailgate.
    • Convenient hooks and tie-downs
      • Always be sure your cargo stays secure, oragized, and in-place. Simply pull the hooks down, and attach the available mesh retainer.
    • LED lighting with enhanced zone lighting
      • Keep working or playing into the night—use the integrated touchscreen or FordPass™ App to control each lighting zone remotely.


    The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning® features just as much convenience and and technology on the interior as it does the exterior, without compromising familiarity. The interior of this electric truck has robust standard features, abundant next-generation tech, and many other available options.

    • Large front trunk or “frunk”
      • The frunk of this electric truck is water-resistant and drainable., while being equipped with four electrical outlets and two USB chargers.
    • Seat up to five passengers
      • Whether you are heading out with friends or going on a family adventure, the immense amount of leg room will leave everyone—including those in the back seat—equally as comfortable.
    • Easy access to under-seat storage
      • This easy-flip-up seat system allows you to pack lots of gear, without taking away leg room from your passengers.
    • Nirvana leather with heated and ventilated seats
      • The front seats of this electric truck are multi-contour with Active Motion® while the drivers seat includes 10-way power adjustments with memory.
    • Available twin-panel moonroof options
    • Interior work surface
      • The stowable shifter allows for the available interior work surface to unfold directly from the center console, turning your Lightning® interior into your on-the-go office.
    • End cut oak accents
      • Transform your vehicle’s interior with the timeless look of wood. This available feature adds a whole new level of luxury to this already premium vehicle.
    • Available premium ambient interior lighting
      • This lighting enhances your driving experience, allowing you to turn them on and off as well as adjust the brightness of certain areas in the center console, the phone charging compartment, or the footwell.


    This truck fits in perfectly with the digital age with its extensively connected infotainment system and Ford Power Up software updates.

    • Available SYNC® 4 software with a 15.5” portrait Touchscreen
      • This technology combines hardware and software that delivers features designed to keep you connected to the people, places, and apps that matter most.
    • SYNC® 4 with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto ™ Compatibility
      • This feature adds convenience to your driving experience with an LCD capacitive touchscreen and easy-to-use interface.
    • Your Own Zone Lighting
      • Set your seats, mirrors, radio, navigation, zone lighting, and driver-assist system settings the way you like—and don’t worry, once you get back in the seat the Lightning® remembers the settings.
    • Available ‘Phone as Key’
      • This feature allows you to unlock and lock doors, open the liftgate and frunk, turn the vehicle on and off, and all the other functions a physical key does remotely from your phone.
    • Available B&O Unleashed sound system with HD radio
      • This sound system pumps 1,080 watts of power through 18 speakers, including headrest and headliner speakers, for a sound experience you feel to the core.


    Ford Co-Pilot360 ™ Technology has your back wherever you go. This purposeful technology looks out for you while you’re to’ing, changing lanes, or finding a spot to park, helping you stay in control while getting things done.

    • BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Trailer Coverage
      • This system adds confidence on the road by alerting you if it detects a vehicle in your Lightning’s® blind spot.
    • Auto High-Beam Headlamps
      • Don’t worry about forgetting to turn your high-beams off in oncoming traffic, this feature has your back. This built-in sensor automatically detects oncoming headlamps and dims yours automatically, allowing you to keep your focus on both the hands and the wheel.
    • On-Demand Rear View Camera
      • This Rear View Camera provides a sharp 180-degree view, so you don’t have to be in Reverse to keep an eye on your cargo.
    • Available Pro Trailer Backup Assist
      • This feature makes driving with a trailer as easy as turning a knob—simply rotate in the direction you want the trailer to go and Pro Trailer Backup Assist ™ responds accordingly.


    The Lightning® is taking the iconic F-150 to a new level. This electric truck allows you to power up your home for up to 3 days in an emergency, while at the same time features an independent rear suspension and low center of gravity to handle the most unexpected adventures outside the house.

    • Pro Power Onboard
      • This feature provides on-site, on-demand power for tools, electronics, and appliances.
      • Offers an available 9.6 kW of max power output and 11 convenient electric power outlets—two 120V outlets in the cab and four in the Mega Power Frunk with multiple USB-C and USB-A ports.
    • Strong but Silent
      • Dual motors offer 775 Ib.-ft of easy to modulate, nearly instant torque.
    • 580 Horsepower
      • Th F-150 Lightning® truck with extended range battery delivers 580 (433kW) of horsepower.
      • It can reach 60 mph in the mid-4-second range
    • Selectable Drive Modes
      • Helps you maintain control over many terrains and road conditions—this includes Normal, Sport, Two/Haul or Off-Road for optimal performance based on the driving conditions.
    • Choose your range of kilometers
      • Standard range: 370 kilometers.
      • Extended range: 515 kilometers.
      • Platinum model: 483 kilometers.

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    The Ford F-150 Lightning® creates a new era for EVs, and we are excited to see this vehicle take on all kinds of terrain this summer. Interested in learning more about this electric truck? Visit our website to view current inventory, book a test drive, or pre-order!

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