Hands-Free Driving with Super Cruise

    With GM’s ground-breaking Super Cruise™ technology, drivers can now enjoy the convenience of hands-free driving, making long drives and commutes more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before. Similar to Ford’s Blue Cruise, Super Cruise is available in a wide range of GM vehicles and can be used on roads across Canada and the United States. Let’s dive into what this innovative technology does and how it works!

    What is Super Cruise?

    Super Cruise is a hands-free driver assistance technology offered on select GM vehicles. Under proper driving conditions and with an attentive driver, Super Cruise works on over 640,000 kilometers of highway across Canada and the United States and lets your vehicle do the driving for you. Consider Super Cruise your trusted co-pilot to help you navigate using real-time cameras, sensors, GPS, and LiDAR map data to detect curves and maintain control.

    How Does it Work?

    Super Cruise driver assistance technology uses the power of GPS sensing, GPS-enhanced data, high-precision maps, and a network of cameras, to maintain automatic control of vehicle steering on compatible highways. The GPS continuously provides real-time corrections and map data to pinpoint the vehicle’s location, while the Lane Sensing Camera detects marked lanes on the highway, allowing the vehicle to steer and maintain lane position.


    Super Cruise also seamlessly integrates with adaptive cruise control, enhancing its ability to detect vehicles traveling in the same direction and adjust the vehicle’s speed to maintain a driver-selected following gap time.


    When using Super Cruise, it has a Driver Attention System that monitors the driver’s head position and alerts the driver to maintain focus on the highway. On sharp curves or in diverse driving conditions it will prompt the driver to manually steer the vehicle.



    Super Cruise will keep you centered on the road using cameras and sensors to spot lane markers.

    Lane-Change on Demand:

    Easily change lanes by activating the turn signal and your vehicle will look for an opening.

    Automatic Lane Change:

    Your vehicle can automatically change lanes safely if it detects a slow vehicle ahead.

    How to Get Super Cruise

    Super Cruise functions are available with a Super Cruise Connected Services plan. All 2024 vehicles with Super Cruise built in have it available for 3 years free, after which a paid plan is required. The connected services plan allows drivers to access over 640,000 kilometers of compatible highways in Canada and the United States, as well as a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot, active electrical system, cell reception, and GPS signal.

    Setting up Super Cruise

    To activate Super Cruise, first turn on your adaptive cruise control. When Super Cruise detects that you’re on a compatible highway and paying attention, a white Super Cruise symbol will appear on the dash. When you’re ready, you can press the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel to activate Super Cruise, and when the steering wheel light bar turns green, you can remove your hands from the wheel and it will be activated. Lastly, to turn Super Cruise off, simply hold onto the wheel and press the Super Cruise button or press your brakes.

    Using Super Cruise Responsibly

    It’s essential to remember that proper conditions and an attentive driver are required to engage Super Cruise safely. Drivers should ensure they are on a compatible highway with visible lane markings, and their eyes remain on the road to ensure the Driver Attention System detects their attentiveness.


    While Super Cruise offers unparalleled convenience, there are situations where it shouldn’t be activated, such as during difficult driving conditions, in tunnels or construction zones, or on slippery surfaces like rain, snow, or ice. It’s crucial for drivers to consult their vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for important information about Super Cruise and use the technology responsibly to enhance their driving experience safely.

    Can You Use Super Cruise in Manitoba?

    Yes! Super Cruise is available on most major highways in Manitoba and across Canada and the United States.

    GM’s Super Cruise represents the future of hands-free driving technology, offering drivers a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable journey on compatible highways. With its advanced features and connectivity, Super Cruise redefines the driving experience and sets a new standard for intelligent vehicle assistance systems.


    Learn more on our website or at GMC Canada!

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