Preheating and Cabin Comfort in Electric Vehicles


    A common myth about Electric Vehicles (EVs) is that they are automatically colder than their gas counterparts in the winter months. However, the contrary is true! And yes, you may still expect to lose some range/power in your EV, but that is not any different than traditional gas vehicles.

    Preheating EV Cabins:

    You, of course, will want to preheat your vehicle cabin to toasty temperatures during the cold winter months, and doing so will provide more aid to your EV than simply remaining warm while driving.


    EVs actually start more reliably than their gas counterparts in the winter months, and a bonus to preheating your EV at home allows for idling without the emission of exhaust. The cabin can heat up and windows can defrost all while plugged in!

    Batteries and Temperature:

    Battery performance is also affected by temperature, so when you preheat the cabin, you are also preconditioning the battery to allow for more essential driving range. Heating your EV to an optimum temperature also helps prolong battery life, so your vehicle will have no problems remaining as reliable as ever in the cold Winnipeg winter!


    To learn more about preheating your EV cabin, visit Electric Autonomy Canada.

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