Regular Vs. Synthetic Oil: What’s the Difference?

    Wondering which oil to use for your vehicle? We’re here to break down the differences between regular and synthetic oils, helping you make a smart choice for your engine.

    Regular Oil:

    This type of oil is derived from crude oil and is a budget-friendly option that meets basic engine requirements. However, it has limitations, and may have lower performance in extreme temperatures and challenging driving conditions.

    Synthetic Oil:

    Synthetic oil is crafted in labs and outperforms conventional oil. With tailor-made molecules, it offers superior protection against friction, engine deposits, and ensures top-notch performance in various temperatures.

    Which is Best?

    Synthetic oil takes the lead compared to regular oil for a few reasons:

    Enhanced Engine Protection:

    Synthetic oil creates a strong protective layer, guarding your engine against wear and tear. It excels in extreme temperatures for year-round performance.

    Longer Use:

    Synthetic oil lasts longer, allowing for extended intervals between changes. This not only saves time but also aligns with sustainable vehicle maintenance.

    Improved Fuel Efficiency:

    Reduced friction from synthetic oil can boost fuel efficiency, saving you money over time.

    Resistance to Sludge and Deposits:

    Synthetic oils resist sludge and engine deposits, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient engine.

    Which Oil Does Birchwood Use for Oil Changes?

    At Birchwood we’re committed to providing top-notch care for your vehicle, which is why we always use synthetic oil for oil changes. Our technicians prioritize your vehicle’s performance and the protection for your engine with each service.

    While regular oil may be popular, the advantages of synthetic oil make it the preferred choice at Birchwood. To enhance your engine’s performance and longevity, we recommend synthetic oil for a smoother ride and a better driving experience!

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