Great Deals and Tips for Purchasing a Used Truck in Winnipeg

    If you’re in the market for a vehicle with hauling and towing capabilities, consider looking into quality used trucks for sale in Winnipeg. There are many benefits to purchasing used, such as lower insurance rates, readily available vehicle history reports and of course, affordable prices on top makes and models.

    In this post, we break down why a used truck might be the best option for you and provide pointers on how to shop for a used truck with confidence. We also highlight a few makes and models available through Birchwood’s extensive used truck inventory.


    Find what you’re looking for today — Birchwood’s existing truck inventory

    Our used truck inventory in Winnipeg is always changing and expanding, but here are a couple of top makes and models we recommend:


    Used GMC Sierra 1500

    This truck boasts top-of-the-line cargo and utility features and its ample cabin legroom makes it the perfect family vehicle. While similar to Chevy’s Silverado in frame and interior layout, the Sierra has a few more premium options including massive bed capacity.

    >>Check Our Stock of Used GMC Sierra’s


    Used Ford F-150

    One of the most popular names to come out of the trucking world is the F-150 and Birchwood is proud to offer an extensive inventory of quality, used F-150s, ranging in price to accommodate most budgets.

    >>Check Our Stock of Used Ford F-150’s


    Used Ram 1500

    These Ram trucks are one of the most sought-after models on the market and are known for their bold looks and off-road capabilities. At Birchwood, we do our best to keep a healthy Ram 1500 stock in at all times.

    >>Check Our Stock of Used Ram 1500’s


    Here’s why purchasing used makes sense

    In the paragraph above, we hinted at a few reasons why purchasing a used truck in Winnipeg might be the right option for you. Here’s some more information to consider:


    • Avoid the initial depreciation. All new vehicles experience a substantial decrease in their value the second they’re driven off the dealership lot. When you purchase a used vehicle, you’re avoiding this initial depreciation and will therefore retain more of the vehicle’s value when and if you decide to resell.


    • Excellent variety. There are plenty of quality used trucks for sale in Winnipeg. As long as the specific vehicle that interests you is verifiable through auto history sites like Carfax or Autocheck, you’ll likely have a diverse range of makes and models to choose from. Also, if you’ve decided on a specific vehicle make but don’t like the current year’s model, you can go back and look into models from previous years.


    • Unbeatable price points. It goes without saying that used vehicles are more affordable than their new counterparts. In the case of trucks, lightly used can be just as good as new, as trucks tend to hold their value in comparison to other vehicle types.


    • Lower insurance rates. MPI will calculate your insurance rate by taking into consideration a number of factors including whether you purchased your vehicle new or used. If you purchase a new car, the cost to replace the vehicle in the event of an accident can be quite high, and therefore so are your insurance payments. By contrast, insurance rates on used vehicles are typically much lower.


    • Substantially less risk. Life changes quickly—you may find yourself heading back to school, moving to a new city, or starting a new job and monthly car payments on a new truck may be extremely difficult to keep up with. For this reason, purchasing a used vehicle is much less risky as payments are usually more manageable.


    Tips and tricks — shopping for a used truck in Winnipeg 

    There are inherent risks to purchasing a used vehicle but many of those risks can be mitigated if you keep these tips in mind while you go about your shopping:


    Tip #1: Have a clear budget in mind 

    Before making any major purchase, you should clearly define the highest price you’re willing to pay. This will involve extensive online—and sometimes in-person—research but will work to cement your boundaries and limit the possibility of being persuaded to purchase a truck you can’t afford.

    To determine the price you’re comfortable spending on a used truck, devote time to researching the trucks at the top of your list. This will provide you with a reference point for what you should be paying when you walk into a used car dealership. A couple of sites to help you with your research include Edmunds and CarGurus. Both digital resources will provide you with consumer reviews, expert ratings and pricing information so you can shop for a used vehicle with confidence.


    Tip #2: Understand the vehicle’s maintenance history

    If you think you’ve found your next truck and you’re ready to negotiate a price, make sure you’ve taken the important step of learning about the vehicle’s past through sites like Carfax or Autocheck. These platforms provide you with a snapshot of any work the vehicle’s received so you know if it’s experienced extensive damage which may result in maintenance requirements down the line. If the truck you’re looking at has received more than $10,000 in repairs, you may consider opting for something else—this is the amount mechanics and other vehicle experts reference as the cut-off point when purchasing a used vehicle with an existing maintenance record.


    Tip #3: Consider the potential uses for your vehicle 

    If you’re purchasing a used truck in Winnipeg, it’s likely because you have hauling and/or towing needs that a full-sized SUV or sedan can’t accommodate. Alternatively you may have a business or a job that requires the unique feature of a truck or perhaps you’ve just always owned a truck and always plan on owning a truck. Whatever your reasoning may be, it’s important to make a comprehensive list of all the potential uses for your truck so you’re able to speak to these uses when it comes time to find a model that works for you. This will inform your online research and help the used-car sales associate narrow down their recommendations.


    Tip #4: Consider the vehicle’s existing mileage

    If you’re planning on purchasing a used truck, pay close attention to the mileage on the options you’re considering. A vehicle’s mileage tells you a lot about how much life it has left when combined with other factors like year, make, model and damage history.


    Tip #5: Know where to shop 

    While private sellers may lure you in with excellent prices, minimal taxes and other cost-saving measures, it’s always better to purchase your vehicle through a reputable dealership. Beyond the fact that a dealership is able to provide you with a warranty program, they can also offer payment plans that make it easier for you to pay off your truck and contribute to a positive credit score while doing so.

    But when it comes to choosing the right dealership in Winnipeg, you’re going to want one that can offer you an extensive online inventory, as well as models from multiple vehicle manufacturers. At Birchwood, we boast both of these qualities and we’re proud to feature an impressive inventory of some of the best used truck models on the market.


    To view more quality used trucks available at Birchwood dealerships, visit the inventory page on our website. Here, you’ll be able to narrow down your search by a number of different categories including, budget, condition and mileage to ensure your hunt for the perfect vehicle is tailored to your specific needs.

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