Winter Tires Do’s and Don’ts

    As winter approaches, having the right tires is essential for safe travels on snowy roads. We’ll walk you through the do’s and don’ts of winter tires, covering everything from installation to storage, to help you make the most of your winter tires this season! 

    The Do's: Maximizing Winter Tire Performance

    Invest in Quality:

    Choose winter tires with the snowflake symbol for meeting winter traction standards. Birchwood has a large array of winter tire options for every price point.

    Install All Four Tires:

    Ensure all four wheels are equipped with winter tires for optimal traction and control. 

    Maintain Your Tires:

    Regularly check and maintain the right tire pressure, as cold weather can cause fluctuations, and check for wear and tear on your winter tires.  


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    Rotate Tires Regularly:

    Extend tire lifespan and maintain performance by rotating your winter tires.

    Adjust Driving Habits:

    While winter tires enhance traction, remember to adjust your driving habits to stay safe in icy conditions and prevent accidents.


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    The Don'ts: Winter Tire Mistakes to Avoid

    Avoid Using Worn Tires:

    Replace tires with worn-out treads, as they lose effectiveness.

    Don't Mix Tread Types:

    Stick to a uniform set of winter tires to maintain balance and handling.

    Skipping Tire Storage:

    Properly store winter tires when not in use to protect them from damage. You can get bonus winter tire storage at Birchwood when you get a new set of winter tires! 

    Neglecting Maintenance:

    Regularly inspect tires for damage or wear, addressing issues promptly. 

    Timing Matters:

    Install winter tires before snowfall and switch back once winter is over. 

    Winter tires are incredibly important for safe winter driving. Birchwood can help you use proper storage and maintenance and ensure your winter tires are in top condition this winter! Drive through the winter season with confidence, knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps for a secure and reliable journey on snowy roads. 

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