Get the Best Price with Birchwood

    When buying a vehicle, you want to make sure you’re getting it for the best price possible with no hidden fees. Discover how on the Birchwood website, You Drive your car buying experience and make transparent pricing and personalization a reality.

    A Better Way to Buy a Vehicle

    At Birchwood, we’re revolutionizing the car buying process in Manitoba by introducing the first online car buying platform in the province. Our website is packed with 8 new features to help you save time and get the best deal possible.

    1. Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees

    We provide real-time pricing that is completely transparent with no hidden fees. We believe in giving you up to date information that allows you to make an informed decision with confidence.

    2. Manufacturer Discounts to Maximize Your Savings

    We understand the value of a great deal, which is why we include all manufacturer discounts. All additional savings will be added on the spot, maximizing your chances of getting the best price for your dream vehicle and driving away with a smile.

    3. Reserve Your Vehicle

    Don’t let your dream vehicle slip away. With Birchwood, you have the option to reserve your purchase and ensure that your chosen vehicle is held for you exclusively for up to 24 hours. This way you can shop with confidence knowing your vehicle will still be there when you’re ready.

    4. Finance Approval

    You can apply for pre-approval instantly, right from the comfort of your home. Our streamlined process saves you time and ensures that you have the financing you need when making your vehicle purchase. Get the green light for your dream car faster than ever.

    5. Tailored Warranty Options

    We offer a wide range of warranties tailored to your specific needs. Explore our online selection and find the warranty that best suits your preferences, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is protected.

    6. Support On-Demand

    Choose your preferred method of communication; whether it’s via text, video, phone, or email. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in any way you prefer, providing exceptional service and support throughout your car buying journey.

    7. At-Home Test Drive

    A test drive is essential before making a final decision. At Birchwood, we go the extra mile by delivering the vehicle to your door for an at-home test drive.

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    8. Shop Accessories

    Make your vehicle truly yours by selecting from a variety of popular accessories soon to be available online.

    Buy Online

    Birchwood’s website revolutionizes the way you shop for a vehicle. From transparent pricing and manufacturer discounts to convenient online transactions and at-home test drives.

    Our website caters to your preferences and ensures that you get the best price for your vehicle without any hidden fees. Say goodbye to traditional car buying hassles and experience the ease and control when You Drive the purchase experience.

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