After a Collision: Trade-In Your Vehicle

    You've booked a repair, but have you thought about skipping it and getting a new ride instead? At Birchwood Collision, we make it easy to trade in your vehicle and hop into something that's as good as new.

    Should I Really Skip My Repair?

    Making the choice between repairing your existing vehicle or trading it in for a new one isn’t easy. It’s a big decision that affects both your wallet and your daily life. Here are some points to consider:



    Sometimes, the cost of repair is close to or more than the market value of your vehicle. If that’s the case, trading in your car could be a more economical choice in the long run.


    Wait Times for Parts

    Waiting for repair parts can take weeks or even months, disrupting your daily life. Trading in your vehicle skips this wait, letting you get back on the road faster. If a quick turnaround matters to you, a trade-in could be a better choice.


    Age and Condition

    The age of your car plays a significant role too. Older vehicles might have more issues and can be less reliable down the road. If your vehicle is already showing signs of wear and tear, it may be wise to consider a trade-in sooner rather than later.


    Peace of Mind

    There’s a certain comfort that comes with driving a new or newer car. A new car often comes with upgraded warranties and the latest safety features – leaving you with ultimate peace of mind and a sense of security as you go about your life. 

    Ready to Make the Switch?

    After a collision, you have options. Birchwood Collision offers you the flexibility to either repair your vehicle or trade it in for a new one. With our guidance and expertise, you’re in good hands either way.

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