Shopping for a Used Car in Manitoba

    So — you’re considering buying a used car in Manitoba? Where should you start? This blog post is a great place! We’ve answered some key questions you probably have about buying a used car in the paragraphs below.


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    Reasons to buy a used car

    There are many reasons to buy a used car, and some you’ve probably already thought of. Here are a few more thoughts on why buying used just makes sense.

    • Better quality options available to you – if you’re purchasing used, your budget will go a long way and you’ll likely be able to afford a better quality used vehicle than if you were to purchase a new model within your price range. Pair that with the fact that cars last longer than they ever have and so purchasing used isn’t as risky or temporary as it once was.
    • Better variety – if you’re purchasing a new car from a dealership, you’re likely limited to choosing from the vehicle makes of that year or the previous year. This doesn’t really help you out if you prefer the make of a vehicle from a few years back. In contrast, buyers of used vehicles have plenty of models from plenty of years to choose from.
    • Widely available vehicle history reportsall vehicles in the lots of reputable dealerships will be associated with a vehicle history report that can be accessed through sites like CarFax. These reports will help you understand a used vehicle’s accident history as well as its existing mileage.
    • Avoid depreciation – vehicles lose most of their value early on in their lifetime, meaning purchasing a pre-owned vehicle will help you avoid this early depreciation and retain a larger percentage of the vehicle’s worth when it comes time to sell.
    • Lower insurance rates – MPI will calculate your insurance rate by taking into consideration a number of factors including whether you purchased your vehicle new or used. If you purchase a new car, the cost to replace the vehicle in the event of an accident can be quite high, and therefore so are your insurance payments. By contrast, insurance rates on used vehicles are typically much lower.

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    Considerations about buying used

    Like with any major purchasing decision, it’s good to have all the facts. Before buying a used car, you’ll want to make sure you’ve given some thought to the below considerations.

    • Be diligent and do your research – sites like Edmunds are a great place to read consumer and expert feedback about any and all vehicle models. This will help inform your purchasing decision by providing insight into what other drivers are saying about the used vehicle you’re considering, including whether or not it retains its value over time.
    • Purchase from a dealership – there’s a lot of risk and responsibility associated with a private vehicle sale, including the added paperwork, limited financing options, and lack of consumer protections you may get from buying a vehicle at a dealership. We recommend you avoid private sales and consider purchasing your vehicle at a reputable dealership.
    • Avoid a used car with a poor accident record – if a car has been in multiple accidents, it’s more likely to be at risk of mechanical complications as it continues to age. You’ll be able to see the cost of any damage a vehicle has experienced in its accident history report.
    • Avoid a used car with a ton of existing mileage – if the used vehicle you want to buy has been driven for more than 100,000 miles you might want to reconsider — lower vehicle mileage indicates the car has more life in it and thus can be driven for more years before it starts experiencing major mechanical issues.

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    What’s so good about Birchwood’s used vehicle inventory?

    Here’s why the used car inventory at Birchwood is better than anywhere else in Manitoba:

    • Multiple brands represented – our network of dealerships represents more than 22 automotive brands, creating a seamless shopping experience for drivers investigating multiple brands simultaneously.
    • Industry experts – from our front desk staff to our sales associates, every Birchwood employee is extremely knowledgeable about our inventory of used vehicles and will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. When it comes time to servicing your vehicle or receiving a tune-up before you drive your purchase off the lot, our factory-trained technicians will ensure your ride is in the best condition possible.
    • Convenience – with 18 dealerships located across Southern Manitoba, we make it easy to enjoy the in-person shopping experience that many drivers prefer when hunting for a new or used vehicle. For shoppers who prefer to connect online first, we operate a chat page on our website allowing you to instantly communicate with one of our sales associates.
    • Experience – we’ve been a staple brand in the Manitoba automotive industry for more than 55 years, meaning we understand the Manitoba consumer and their needs, as well as the impact that Prairie winters can have on a vehicle. This also means we’re able to recommend new and used vehicles capable of defying our province’s extreme weather conditions.
    • All-in-one place – beyond our network of dealerships, we also offer the complete package of services through our collision and service centres, financing department, and tire shop. Our goal is to make every vehicle-related task as easy as possible for Manitobans.

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    Visit our inventory page today to find a used vehicle that meets the needs of you and your family. Our search engine allows you to research your top vehicle choices and filter through various criteria such as mileage, price point, features and more. Connect with a sales associate today through our convenient online chat system — simply go to the home page and click on the ‘Chat with Sales’ bar at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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