Everything You Need to Know About Owning Steel Rims in Winnipeg

    Drivers looking to upgrade their vehicle’s rims have lots of decisions to make. From colour and spinner options to chrome and even gold plating, the wheel market has become increasingly saturated with options to suit many different style and performance preferences.

    For Winnipeg drivers, steel rims are extremely popular because of their affordable price points, durability and repairability. And purchasing steel rims in Winnipeg has never been easier—service centers like Birchwood Tire Shops carry many different models to fit your vehicle’s specs.

    Before purchasing a set of steel rims, you should have a clear understanding of the benefits of this rim type, the best models available to you, where to buy steel rims in Winnipeg and the installation process for your specific vehicle.


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    What’s so good about steel rims? 


    Steel rims boast many intriguing features. A few examples of why Winnipeggers choose steel rims include:

    • Price point. Steel is a much more affordable material compared to alloy or chrome—other popular metals used to fabricate wheel rims. A set of steel rims begins around the $250 mark and goes up from there depending on factors such as size, finishing and brand name.
    • Durability. Steel is a heavier material than other metals used to fabricate rims. For this reason, steel is more durable—an important feature for winter drivers and those who drive heavier vehicles like trucks and larger SUVs.
    • Repairability. Steel rims are so durable that they’re very hard to crack or damage. Also, they shouldn’t rust too quickly if you maintain their coat of paint.
    • Good winter tire. Steel and alloy rims are really the only two options when it comes to selecting your winter tires. Both are proven to withstand the harsh conditions of Winnipeg winters without requiring regular maintenance.

    Looking for the best tire shop in Winnipeg? We’ve got you covered.


    What are some of the shortcomings of steel rims? 


    Steel rims are typically heavier than other wheel types and this added weight may not be ideal for performance vehicles or drivers wanting requiring quicker acceleration and stopping times.

    There are also cosmetic benefits to opting for non-steel rims. Alloy and chrome wheels are considered more aesthetically pleasing and provide vehicles with a sleek and modern look when cleaned and polished regularly. Steel rims, by contrast, are modest in appearance and don’t offer the same flashiness as their alloy or chrome counterparts. As with any aesthetic modification to a car part, it’s all about personal preference.

    If you’re looking for an after-market wheel or a set of winter tires, you’ll notice that you’ll have more alloy options and less steel options. This is largely due to the fact that aluminum and alloy wheels are becoming more popular as their cost to make becomes more competitive.

    You might be also interested learning more about winter tires for Winnipeg winters.


    Why are steel rims good for Winnipeg drivers? 


    As highlighted above, steel rims make for good winter tires and as any Winnipeg driver knows, winter tires are crucial to navigating the harsh driving conditions of our coldest months.

    In addition to their practicality during winter, steel rims are extremely durable in all weather conditions—due to Winnipeg’s fluctuating temperatures, roads break down resulting in concrete and sand debris that chips away at tire rims. Steel rims are your best bet when it comes to withstanding the potential damage of these materials.

    Some useful information on tire repair in Winnipeg can be found on our blog as well.


    What is the installation process for steel rims in Winnipeg? 


    Whether you’re planning on installing steel, alloy or even chrome wheels to your vehicle, you’ll want to get this service done by an experienced tire mechanic who has the right training and equipment.

    The tire mechanics at all Birchwood Tire shops receive specific manufacturer training to be able to manage the intricacies of every tire make and size. To make an appointment, fill out an appointment form on our website or call us at 204-831-4866. If you’re interested in speaking with a representative about your rim options before booking an appointment, feel free to give us a call at the above number and we’d be happy to answer your questions and discuss your wheel needs.

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